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14 Feb 2007 9,218 views

senzalabaliGroup Senzala Bali is the creation of Rod Penn (UK) and Kenoko Hermiaji (Indonesia), two friends who have dedicated the last seven years to the study and promotion of Capoeira in the United kingdom and Java. Both share a mutual passion for the vast technical intricacies of the art, hoping to further awareness of the possibilities that Capoeira can bring and to educate people about the many facets of this often misunderstood art form.

From training in Capoeira academies all over Brazil and attending numerous meetings, workshops and events in Europe, Rod Penn has become a proficient and experienced Capoeira instructor, endorsed by Group Senzala, one of the largest and foremost Capoeira groups in Brazil and the rest of the World. Kennoko has studied under the guidance of Rod for the last four years and with top Brazilian practitioners in Jakarta. Both Kennoko and Rod have led their own groups for several years and have now combined their efforts to commit to the legitimate promotion of Capoeira in Bali.

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  1. faisal says:

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  3. daud says:

    mantab tuh mas capoeira

    latihannya yg ada di mn ya ….

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    hiks, websitenya pada mati
    pengen tau lebih nich tentang Capoeira di Bali

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